Pipeline & Process Services( Liquid Nitrogen Services)

SC INDUSTRIAL GAS also carries out or renders PIPELINE AND PROCESS SERVICES.Under these, we  carry out

 1.     Nitrogen Purging and Testing               2. Nitrogen/Helium Detection

 For your shutdown, commisioning and start up of your processplant, we can offer you Nitrogen purging and helium leak detection services, which are the corner stone of this processes.

For these,we produce and store high purity liquid nitrogen, as well as stockdifferent capacities of

cryogenic  tanks, pumps, everporisers, and other equipments. Our proffessionals can develop the most effective and efficient purging techniques for any plant or pipeline environment.2000-Gal-Liquid-Nitrogen-Tank


 They can also determine the optimum rate, temperature, and volume required to remove unwanted products in the safest and most efficient way possible from your system or pipeline.


      Hot and cold Nitrogen applications

 Hot nitrogen services can be used when working with hydrocarbon deposits in vessels or pipelines to significantly reduce the amount of time and required nitrogen to clear away unwanted deposits.Hot nitrogen purging is often used to remove stubborn deposits from the following systems

 SC INDUSTRIAL GAS is equiped with proffessionals, tools, expertise and equipment to offer this service at most efficient and safest way.


Nitrogen gas provided by SC INDUSTRIAL GAS nitrogen pumping equipment provides 99.99% pure nitrogen with a dewpoint of -70˚C. This clean, extremely dry gas is effective for drying out any pipeline or process system. When combined with high temperatures, the drying time to achieve the required dew point is significantly reduced compared with conventional drying methods.

Because nitrogen gas is inert, it is ideal for filling pipelines or process systems that may go unused for long periods of time—months, even years. By maintaining a positive nitrogen atmosphere inside a pipeline or process system, ongoing corrosion can be reduced and even eliminated, provided the system is dry and there are no leaks present. This service is particularly effective for drying of chemically sensitive systems such as oxygen and hydrogen.


 Because is it clean and extremely dry, high pressure nitrogen is a very effective medium for conducting pneumatic tests on sensitive equipment when potential contamination is a concern. The high rates, pressure, and precise control of SC INDUSTRIAL GAS nitrogen pumping equipment can significantly reduce time required and increase the level of safety for conducting this type of critical testing activity.When combined with helium leak detection, large system leaks can often be identified and repaired prior to reaching the final test pressure. By identifying the leaks at lower pressures, the systems can be repaired without having to bleed off the pressure and re-pressurize once the final test pressure has been reached.


Whether you’re performing major maintenance or remedial treatments on your pipeline, using nitrogen as an inert propellant for moving “pigs” through yourpigging pipeline makesgood sense. Nitrogen is the gas of choice to displace oxygen, retard oxidation, break the “burnin triangle,” and prevent explosions.  SC INDUSTRIAL GAS can carry out PIGGING SERVICES in oilfields, on offshore platforms, in chemical facilities and manufacturing plants, heat treating facilities, grain