OXYGEN GASDSC00568 We produce and supply both industrial and medical grade, high purity oxygen gas and liquid.We are sought after by users for our efficient and on-time delivery of oxygen gas with regard to all safety and QA/QC measures. We provide purity certificate and safety Data sheet on request, and can deliver in quads and racks.

Our Nitrogen is of highest purity. We deliver single bottles, in rack and inter connected or quads.

We supply both gaseous (dry) nitrogen, as well as liquid Nitrogen in cryogenic tanks and flasks.


We deliver dissolved Acetylene gas in different cylinder cubic.

Still ranked as the best fuel gas, we deliver acetylene gas that will meet your welding demand in single cylinders and in quads

 ARGON GASphc (4)

We supply both pure and ultra-pure argon gas.

For any size of project, you can depend for prompt delivery of all your argon gas need.

 HELIUM GASphc (16)  

We supply both 150 bar and 200 bar helium cylinders.

For your helium oil and gas applications, we can deliver in single bottles and in quads.


We deliver both gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide in Kilo grams (Kg).

No matter the quantity or your applications, contact us for your prompt carbon dioxide gas or liquid delivery.


We deliver any mix percentage of any gas mix that is required by your welding machine. Be it Argon/Carbon dioxide, Argon/Nitrogen, etc. at its purest form.

 LPG/ PROPANE GASphc (7)  

SC INDUSTRIAL GAS MANUFACTURERS LTD delivers propane gas (LPG) in any quantity of your need, both in cylinders and in tanks, for bulk delivery.

FREON GASESfreon You can place order for the following freon gases:R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, Refrigerant R-22, etc