About Us

SC INDUSTRIAL GAS MANUFACTURERS LTD, established in 2007 has successfully taken the place of a leader in industrial gas production and supply business in South-south and south-eastern Nigeria.

With  installed modern oxygen and acetylene plants that refill high purity products  at high capacities, and sound delivery trucks, our clients has been enjoying hitch free gas deliveries for their work and projects.

All our activities; production, services, deliveries are carried out with utmost regard to quality, health, safety and environment. In other to establish this as a culture, or make it an integral part of our everyday life, the management of SC Gases proposes, comments and approves the Safety and Quality policy and ensure its compliance with the marketing strategy and other business activities and conceptions of SC Gases to meet the customer expectations and needs.


Our Mission

Anticipate the current and future challenges facing all gas consuming industries and continuously deliver innovative and exceptional quality solutions with our products and services to all, as well as sustainable progress to our customers, employees and shareholders.



To be the first choice to industrial gas users in West Africa .